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Improved Kienyeji Chicken Farming

Improved Kienyeji Chicken farming techniques refers to certain improvements and modifications made in the traditional Kienyeji chicken in order to maximize on the yield. These improvements can be made in various areas of the farming including the breed selection, the building of the modern Kienyeji housing, better feeding and better flock management in order to help farmers maximize on their yields.

Low cost kienyeji chicken house
Kienyeji Chicken House with kienyeji chicken

This is the kind of information that is covered in our Improved Kienyeji Chicken Farming manual that now retails for Ksh.500. The eBook covers all the important information that you will need in order to successfully launch a commercially viable chicken farming business. The best thing about the advice that has been incorporated in this eBook is that it can be applied by various farmers ranging from the small-scale farmers to the large scale commercial farmers looking for bigger profits. If you are looking for scalability in your kienyeji chicken farming business, then we have the information to help you make the shift and scale up your production while minimizing your losses.

Written by expert chicken farmers and research, you will get accurate, useful and precise information to make your chicken farming a success. You can now order our eBook online at in order to go through the various topics that will make your kienyeji chicken farming a success. The main topics covered in our  farming manal include the following:-

  • How to Select the Best Chicken Breeds
  • Kienyeji Chicken Housing
  • Kienyeji Feeds and Feeding Guide
  • Health and Disease Management in Kienyeji Chicken Breeds
  • Kienyeji Chicken Vaccines and Vaccination Guide
  • Kienyeji ¬†Brooding and Chicken Placement
  • Kienyeji Chicken Marketing
  • Record Keeping for Your Kienyeji Chicken
  • Kienyeji ¬†Processing Guide

To order the manual, call 0717444786 or visit in order to automatically place an order. PDF copies will be delivered to you in a matter of minutes.