Advantages of Kuroiler


The kuroiler breed is one of the breed that has definitely brought smiles to most poultry farmers.  After struggling for years with the indigenous breed they now have a breed they can look forward to that is easier to rear and come with great financial gain.  The chickens are kept for financial gain by many families as well as a source of food supply.  It is virtually impossible to find a home without a single kienyeji chicken which is normally kept for food supply.  What really are the advantages of Kuroiler chicken?

  • They are easier to manage and come with a lower financial outlay
  • Are able to scavenge for their food and needs very little time or attention
  • Mature faster and provide quality meat and eggs with a better financial gain
  • Need very little medical supplication compared to other kinds of breeds
  • They provide more nutritious eggs and the yolks are deeper shade of yellow in color
  • Survive under harsh conditions
  • Have a higher egg laying capacity with 200 eggs annually

There are several advantages of Kuroiler chicken as farmers have confirmed higher yields and better financial gain.  They also take a shorter time to mature and they have a higher market because of their standards.  A farmer does not have to be around them 24/7 as they are free range birds thereby making them easier to control and manage.  They are easier to treat and can be treated by mixing local herbs and food products.  Since they are heavy feeders, they help keep their surrounding clean.  When it comes to feeding they are not costly.  Farmers only need to supplement portions on a daily basis to help maintain them.

This is far better than broilers that are kept in check on a 24/7 basis, are more costly to feed and survive on drugs from time to time to attain the required weight.  The kuroiler birds are a blessing to the environment and to the chicken generation as a whole.  Their beaks are strong and can tear around through most of the agricultural products which other chicken breeds can do.  They need no supervision when it comes to feeding.

Other Advantages of Kuroiler breed is that they are able to lay eggs for 2 years.  They are a stronger and better variety than the local chicken.  Because they are hardy and can survive under any weather farmers are quite comfortable with having them around for both commercial purposes and domestic use.

Interestingly, there are so many advantages that kuroiler farmers have and over the last few months they have noted increased financial gain as they grow or mature faster, lay more and bigger eggs, are meatier and healthy.  They are also easier to keep.  Farmers do not have to build special shades for them.  All they need is to ensure that they are well vaccinated; well fed and proper hygiene is kept in place.    They also do not require a large place to survive as they are well protected they will survive over time.

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