Where to Find Market for Your Kienyeji Chicken

Kienyeji chicken are some of the hottest selling commodities in Kenya today. Most Kenyans are looking for healthier and better quality of meat which can only be found in the ethically raised Kienyeji chicken which grow under natural or very organic condition and grow full cycle without any “boost”. Also, recent unethical practices by some broilers farmers have driven Kenyans away from the exotic chicken breeds to the Kienyeji breeds grown by honest farmers practicing very ethical farming techniques. The last thing that you want is having toxins accumulate in your body as you enjoy your favorite chicken meal.

The market for the Kienyeji chicken is, therefore, quite huge but all have access to this lucrative market. Some people may invest in Kienyeji Chicken but they have zero clues on where to sell them for a good price. Well,  you do not have to worry anymore. I am now connecting farmers to buyers and buyers to farmers via my Kienyeji Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/KienyejiChickenFarmingManual. To sell your Kienyeji Chicken, just post on my wall at the page or send me an email at improvedkienyeji@gmail.com and I will connect you to Kienyeji buyers. The service will be free for the first few months and thereafter I will charge a small fee for getting you the Kienyeji chicken Market.

If you are planning to invest in Kienyeji Chicken Farming and need some information and comprehensive guide on how you can go about this step by step, you can buy our Improved Kienyeji Chicken Farming Manual.



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