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East Africa Poultry Equipment Marketplace: Get B2B Leads and Find Distributors for Equipment


The East African market for poultry products continues to expand rapidly. This is because chicken products offer an affordable and readily available source for proteins and as the per capita consumption increases in the region, particularly in markets such as Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, farmers are under pressure to not only produce more but also produce very high quality poultry products to serve the local market.

Increasingly, many poultry farmers in the country are going from small to medium scale in terms of their production capacity. The stocking densities are increasing even though spaces are not necessarily expanding. There is thus the need for farmers to centralize and scale up their production through automation. A lot of this involves the acquisition of new farming equipment such as poultry feeding systems, egg collection systems, manure collection systems, poultry cages, incubators and various other kinds of poultry machinery and equipment.

The Drive Towards Responsible Efficiency in Kenyan Poultry Production

Based on our market research and the numerous inquiries that we get from Kenyan poultry farmers, the Kenyan poultry farmer is on an unprecedented drive for expansion and efficiency. Many are looking for ways to increase their efficiency and reduce costs. Increasingly, labour costs are rising in the country. It is no longer reasonable in many respects to employ a poultry farm manager for Ksh.5000 or $50.

There is the need for everyday poultry production to proceed smoothly without any problems in order to ensure that your production runs with great uptimes and assures you of the best yields in the marketplace. People want to have a low cost of ownership when it comes to poultry farming.

If you are a poultry equipment manufacturer or exporter, this is the kind of market that you would like to be in. Here at Kienyeji Partners, we offer suppliers, manufacturers and exporters B2B poultry business leads that helps you build business relationships quickly with the local business suppliers and distributors to enable you sell your poultry equipment to the Kenyan and East African market.

If you are looking for poultry equipment business leads in Kenya, call us or email us and let us help you get a foothold in the Kenyan and East African market.