The Kuroiler is a very unique variety of improved indigenous chicken developed by Indian entrepreneur Vidod Kapur that has brought a significant revolution in chicken farming in many parts of Africa particularly Kenya. The Kuroiler is best suited to be reared in many parts of Kenya and is generally accepted in the Kenyan market due to is very outstanding attributes.

  1. It is a good scavenger and can be raised well with supplemented feeding. It can grow very well under minimal management and also minimal investment in commercial feeds. They can both be raised in the backyard or raised under supplemental feeding. They are also very hardy and therefore not prone to diseases.
  1. It is desired by many customers for its meat because they look very much like the ordinary indigenous chicken and they have a very even distribution of meat all over the body, particularly the key parts, i.e. the legs and the breasts.
  1. The meat is soft and tasty making it stand out in the chicken meat market.
  1. They are very adaptable to tropical conditions and are therefore very resistant to diseases.


  1. They possess a key advantage that protects them from predators. They have the speckled white and grey feathers that afford them the camouflage they need in the environment.
  1. They are very desirable for rural households and peri-urban settings due to their adaptability to conform to every setting and are key in livelihood improvement in settings of poverty due to their relatively low raising costs for a smallholder farmer.
  1. Kuroilers lay more eggs than the ordinary indigenous chicken. They cannot sit on their eggs though. They compensate for this by laying eggs eggs almost continually once they attain maturity. Farmers can give their eggs to other local indigenous birds to hatch or placing them in hatching machines to help multiply their flock through hatching of new chicks.
  1. Kuroilers come in so many different colours. This is a big premium in the market which makes them fetch up to 10% more than the other birds.
  1. They mature faster attaining a weight of 3 to 4kg in 4 to 5 months.
  1. The Kuroiler starts laying from 5 to 6 months and gives very big eggs with a beautiful yellow York just like indigenous chicken. The eggs possess a presentable bright yellowish orange York and also have a firm albumen that visibly does not flow very easily, make it very popular and attractive to consumers.
  1. Kuroilers have a very good feed to meat conversion rate. Thye build meat so fast in their bodies with good feeding and drinking. Mature coks may way between 4kg to 5kg.

If the right farming conditions are taken care of, The KUROILER Chicken can afford a farmer consistent revenue streams and loyalty among his or her customers ensuring sustained profitability.


















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