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How to Order Day Old KARI Improved Kienyeji Chicks from KARI Naivasha


If you are planning to order fertilized Kienyeji eggs, KARI Improved Kienyeji chicks or KARI Improved breeding cocks, it is best to purchase it from KARI Naivasha. That is the most reliable supplier for the improved breeds. They have the parent stock and that means you can get pure breeds that you can maximize on their genetic potential for maximum production. If you are running a hatchery, you will need to buy from this parent stock in order to ensure that you are supplying farmers with the best breeds.

The Prices are as follows:-

Day old chicks: Ksh.100 each

Fertile Tray of Eggs: Ksh.1000

KARI Improved Breeding cocks: Ksh.1000

If you are interested in purchasing from KARI Naivasha Poultry Unit, you have to make a non-refundable commitment fee which should be 25% of the total order of your chicks. For example, if you want 500 chicks, you have to pay Ksh.12,500 as commitment fee.

The balance of 75% should be cleared before the collection date of the chicks or on the collection date. Once you place your order, you will be notified one week before your chicks are due for collection.

Payment Details:

BRANCH: KCB Naivasha Branch

A/C NO: 1105271145

Scan the copy of the bank slip and send it to or

The bank slip should contain your full names, your mobile phone number(s) and the product that you have booked.

If you fail to collect the chicks on the stipulated date, you will be incur penalties of 15% daily.

The minimum number of chicks that you can book is 50.

Do not pay with personal cheques as these will not be accepted.