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What are the Advantages of Using Chicken Cages in Kenya?

Big production in small spacdes with layer battery cages.
Big production in small spaces with layer battery cages.

One of the leading inquiries that we get is for Kenyan and regional farmers looking for poultry cages. It is one of the most popular chicken farming trends in the region and why is that so? The main reason is the advantage that it offers farmers. Here are some good reasons on why you should invest in poultry cages:-

Save on space

Poultry cages are ideal for farmers who do not have a lot of spaces, especially those in the urban areas but also those in rural areas in Kenya. It allows farmers to have higher stocking densities for their poultry. With the same house that you have now, you could easily triple or treble your capacity by buying poultry cages. They are good if you want to increase the size of your flock without building a new house or extending the current size of poultry house.

Get good quality poultry products

The quality of chicken that you eventually get often depends on the conditions that you rear them in including the right temperature, flow of air as well as sunshine. With poultry cages, you are able to create the right conditions that will facilitate quick growth of the chicken with less infectious diseases. You can have clean fresh water supplied to your poultry through the system via the nipple drinkers and there is zero food contamination and wastage in the system. You can collect clean eggs all the time and there is zero breakage of your eggs. For farmers, incorporating poultry cages means lots of more profits for your poultry farm.

Low labour costs

Having a poultry cage installation means that you do not need to employ many hands to help you along with the management of your farm. If you are running a large farm, you will be able to make tremendous savings on cost of labour and maximize on the profitability of your poultry farm.

Less infection

The chicken cannot move around in the cages in the cages in order to interact with the other chicken. So if one has an infection, the disease is unlikely to spread as fast as in a deep litter system. There is, thus, less death rate. The manure fall down to the floor and is easy collected hence there is no risk of contamination and diseases inside the poultry house.