Learn Kienyeji Chicken Feed Formulation

The latest additional to our informational resources is a training manual and a training workshop on the Kienyeji Feed Formulation. Farmers who formulate their own feeds typically save as much as 65% on their feeding costs and can as a result increase their profits considerably when practicing kienyeji or the free range chicken farming. Feed formulation makes a particular sense when you are running a large scale kienyeji chicken farm where the cost of feeding is cutting deeply into your profits.

With our feed formulation manual and training workshops, we will equip you with the requisite skills that will enable you formulate your own feeds for your kienyeji chicken. What is here is the formula for formulation or constituting one tonne of feed or 100Kg. A farmer or entrepreneur can customize it to the number of kilos they are formulating depending on their needs by just dividing by the number of Kilograms. You can simply extrapolate this in order to produce as much feed as would wish to. The best thing about learning feed formulation is that you can specialize in this and start a commercial kienyeji feed formulation business where you supply other farmers with top quality feeds. What we often advise during training sessions is that you avoid cutting corners. We will teach you the skills that you can use in order to ethically produce top quality feed that will improve yields and we expect participants will internalize this knowledge and use it in the ethical production of chicken feed.

There is so much that we cover in this training in order to help you in formulating top quality feeds. These include the following:-

  • The full list of raw materials that you will need for kienyeji feed formulation.
  • How to prepare chick mash, growers mash and the layers mash
  • Protecting the feed from toxins
  • Formula or Ratio for mixing the various ingredients
  • Feed preservation
  • Packaging and storage

If you are interested in taking part in this training next month in May, please drop us an email at improvedkienyeji@gmail.com to reserve your place and will inform you on the scheduled date for the kienyeji chicken feed formulation training. We will charge a small fee per person for the training.

Kienyeji Feed Formulation in Progress
Kienyeji Feed Formulation in Progress