10,000 Facebook Kienyeji Fans!!

If you have been following up on our progress the last few weeks, you will know that we have a fairly robust online presence in order to disseminate our services and information as much as possible. Apart from this informational blog on Kienyeji Chicken Farming, we also have our website where you can order your Kienyeji Chicken Farming Manual at KienyejiChicken.com. Our very first blog before we built the two websites was http://kienyejichicken.blogspot.com.

We also built a Facebook Page where we share various tips, updates and get to interact with Kienyeji Chicken Farmers. That Facebook Page can be found here https://www.facebook.com/KienyejiChickenFarmingManual. And that Facebook page has now hit 10,000 fans. To celebrate that milestone, we are offering the Kienyeji Chicken Farming Manual for only Ksh.400 this weekend.

We have more products and services lined up for you in May in order to support your Kienyeji Chicken business. These include the following:-

  • Kienyeji Chicken Feed Formulation Manual
  • Kienyeji Chicken Feed Formulation Weekly Training Programs
  • Kienyeji Supplies in Nairobi

Watch this space and we will let you know as we roll out new services. Happy weekend everyone.