The Benefits of Kienyeji Chicken Business in Kenya

It is said that the average Kenyan has at least six income streams. That is according to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit which just concluded in Nairobi. How many do you have? If you are only relying on your job as your source of income, then you will be sitting on very shaky financial ground. One area where you can invest and get certain returns from your investments is in the Kienyeji chicken farming.

Unlike in the past where kienyeji was characterized with very low yields, modern poultry farmers have an opportunity to reap massive incomes from the indigenous poultry farming business. The breeds have improved considerably due to extensive research by organizations such as KARI. As a result, it is possible for you to build a massive flock with extensive investments on your side in terms of both money and time.

Kienyeji Chicken Business
Kienyeji Chicken Business

One practice that you can adopt is the Improved kienyeji chicken farming with we have covered extensively in our poultry farming guide and manuals. Here are some of the benefits that you will be able to get by engaging in kienyeji chicken rearing:-

  • Commercial kienyeji chicken farming in Kenya has generated lots of incomes for many entrepreneurs and as the demand for organic kienyeji meat and egg products arises, farmers have greater access to markets for their produce. We also help farmers market their products so that they can reach these markets as quickly as possible and get good returns on their investments.
  • Through kienyeji chicken farming on a commercial scale, you can also generate small scale employment back home and use this business to also sustain your aging parents and grandparents. If you do it on a big scale, you can get good income to sustain even yourself so that you can save your salary and other sources of income. It is also very easy to scale it up so you can easily build your flock and have a very large number of birds.
  • Poultry business will never dry up in Kenya. So even if you start now, you can still make as much money as those who started before you. The important thing is to arm yourself with the right knowledge on how to do this right and have the contacts that can help you along the way as you build your kienyeji chicken business in Kenya. All the main poultry products in Kenya have great demand and there is also a very good demand for Kenyan poultry products outside the country.
  • The required initial investments for the kienyeji chicken business in Kenya is not too high. A one day old chick costs only Ksh.100, and a moderate size of kienyeji chicken structures which can accommodate up to 100 chicks can cost you anywhere from Ksh.10,000 to Ksh.20,000 depending on the types of the materials that you choose.
  • Apart from the KARI improved kienyeji breeds which are very high yielding, you can choose from many other hardy and high yielding foreign breeds from India such as the Rainbow Rooster and the Kuroiler which also mature faster and produce more meat and eggs without any extensive management on your part.
  • You can always start kienyeji chicken business in Kenya with very a simple and small scale production and then you can upgrade this later and incorporate something that is more sophisticated.
  • There are lots of bank loans throughout Kenya which can help you set up your kienyeji chicken farm easily.
  • There are numerous farms and farmer training workshops where you can learn about kienyeji chicken business in Kenya before you plunge in. You can also buy our Kienyeji chicken manuals which offer comprehensive tips on the kienyeji business.