Kienyeji Chicken Manual

Kienyeji Chicken Manual

We are one of the most trusted Kienyeji consultants in Kenya when it comes to Kienyeji farming. We disseminate useful and practical information and advice which help many of our farmers to capitalize on the best techniques in order to maximize their yields and make a lot of money with their Kienyeji breeds.

As part of our information pack that we give to farmers, we have three main manuals that farmers or prospective can purchase in order to absorb the right knowledge and techniques that will help them make maximum profits when it comes to Kienyeji farming. These have been designed by our agronomists and Kienyeji experts for use as self-starter guides for successful Kienyeji farming. These manuals include the following:-

The Comprehensive Kienyeji Chicken Farming Manual

This Kienyeji rearing guide is the best guide in the country for those looking for information on how to successfully rear their kienyeji breeds. It contains all the information that you will need if you are just joining the industry including the kienyeji rearing systems, how to choose the best chicken breeds, how to build a kienyeji housing structure, the feeds and feeding guide for your kienyeji chicken, health as well as the disease management in your Kienyeji chicken, the Kienyeji chicken vaccines as well as the vaccination guide, the kienyeji chicken brooding as well the placement of the chicks during brooding, how to market your kienyeji chicken products, record keeping tips in kienyeji rearing system and kienyeji chicken processing. This is a Comprehensive Kienyeji Chicken Rearing PDF guide that will give you a lot of valuable information that you need in order to be successful in Kienyeji rearing.

The manual is available for Ksh.500 and you can order it

The Kienyeji Feeds Formulation Manual

In early March, we received a phone call from a farmer who had purchased a commercial mash for her kienyeji and after a few weeks of feeding, the legs of the chicken started breaking. This is one of the main issues that many farmers face in the commercial kienyeji chicken rearing business guide. The best quality kienyeji chicken feeds costs a lot of money and the cheaper feeds are likely not well formulated and you are likely to face various complications if you purchase from an unscrupulous trader.

The Kienyeji Feeds Formulation Manual is designed to help you escape these complications and formulate high quality feeds at low cost that will contribute to the health of your birds.  In this manual, you will find general information on the poultry feeds that you should give to your kienyeji birds.  Learn about the nutrients that these feeds should constitute, the energy requirements, the proteins, vitamins, the feeding programs for the broilers, the feeding programs for the laying hens, feeding programs for the replacement pullets, chick mash, growers mash, layers mash, the feeding regime for the different ages for your chickens,  as well as how to formulate the feeds for the various kienyeji chickens including the chick mash, growers and layers mash.

The manual is available for Ksh.500 and you can order it here

The Kienyeji Housing Manual

How do you build a Kienyeji house for your flock? Order your manual here  for Ksh.250 and learn the process of building a kienyeji chicken structure along with the kinds of materials, spacing and costing for the housing.