Choosing Proper Location for the Kienyeji Chicken House

When it comes to setting up your Kienyeji chicken house, one of the most important considerations is the location where you will build it. Choose a suitable hard soil with good drainage and ensure the space will accommodate the number of birds that you plan to keep. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind when looking for a good location for setting up your kienyeji chicken structures:-

  • The best place for kienyeji farming is in the rural areas. There is adequate land and the air is healthy which is conducive for kienyeji rearing as compared to urban areas. Setting up in the rural areas is also important if you want to go fully free range with your chicken farming and want them to graze on the pasture and get exposed to the sunshine so that you can have better meat and egg quality. With free range farming, you will need to allocate more land where the hens can forage.
  • The place that you choose should be quiet and free from noise and chaos.
  • Unless you are getting a long lease, it is generally not advisable to set up your kienyeji farm on rented land. This is especially so if you are putting up large costly structures on the land and being forced to leave the land mid-way may result in some losses. It is always best if you own the land on which you are planning to set up the kienyeji chicken rearing business.
  • The location that you choose must have a good supply of clean and fresh water.
  • Take precautions to get rid of predators-both human and animal-by investing in good quality fencing.
  • It is good to have a good access transportation
  • Support services: Ensure you have access to support services for the treatment of the birds, vaccination as well as advice on brooding, feeding and management amongst others.
  • Presence of a suitable market: Where will you sell your produce once it is ready? The presence of a suitable market is also one of the key factors when it comes to poultry production.