Poultry Farming in Kenya

Poultry farming in Kenya is one of the fastest growing sectors in agribusiness. If you have some little capital and some cheap labor, you can easily set up a poultry farm and start reaping your profits in as little as five months. There are many reasons why poultry farming in Kenya is so popular with many entrepreneurs. These include the following:-

Chicken in a Run: Improved Kienyeji Chicken Farming
Chicken in a Run: Improved Kienyeji Chicken Farming

Low Startup Capital: Did you know that you can start your poultry farm with as little as Ksh.5000? This is one of the main reasons why many are opting for poultry as an investment vehicle.

Good returns on your investment: With breeds such as the improved kienyeji chickens, it is very easy for you to reap profits from your poultry farmer without any significant investments on your part. These chickens are cheap to source, cheap to feed, hardy and you do not need to carry out very intensive management to ensure that they thrive. Some of the improved breeds that you can purchase include the KARI improved kienyeji chicken, the Kenbro breeds, the Rainbow Rooster breeds from India and the Kuroiler chicken breeds from India.

Large Market: Due to a number of malpractices in the rearing of exotic chickens where farmers inject them with growth hormones and other chemicals in order to make them grow faster, kienyeji chicken offer a better advantage for many farmers. They grow very naturally in an organic environment where they are pasture-fed and are also given very good quality commercial feeds. As a result, they taste better and produce a higher quality of eggs. Which would you rather have? A chicken that is reared in a confined environment and which has matured within a month or a chicken which has grown in natural setting and matured over 5 months? Most of us are eating fattened vifarangas that are the products of growth hormones and these are not healthy chicken meat. It is for these reasons that many Kenyans now prefer the authentic kienyeji chickens and this has led to the fast growth of the Kienyeji farming industry.

You Can Start with Simple Housing

There are farmers who even start poultry farming in Kenya with very simple housing, even mud housing or poultry houses made from timber offsets. You don’t have to save for months in order for you to start investing in poultry farming in Kenya. If you are committed, you can start with what you have, even if it is Ksh.8000 and then grow your poultry flock from there.

For successful poultry farming in Kenya, you also need to have the right sets of knowledge before you can venture into the farming. You need to know what kinds of house you will build, the design and orientation of the poultry house, the space required as well as the right density for the poultry house, the kinds of poultry equipment to purchase, where to source the day old chicks, the various kinds of vaccination required, the feeds to buy, what to feed at what age and many other considerations. Invest in knowledge and training first before venturing into the world of poultry farming.

When you are investing in poultry farming in Kenya, it is always advisable to start small and then scale up from there as you master the poultry farming techniques that will help you manage the farm more efficiently. Buy poultry farming manuals and attend trainings in order to equip yourself with the right skills for success in poultry farming.


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