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Feeding for Improved Kienyeji Breeds

The advantage of feeding the improved kienyeji and other hybrid breeds such as Rainbow Rooster and Kuroiler chickens is that you can easily cut down on your feeding costs by supplementing the commercial feeds with some of the local feeds after 8 weeks when they are transitioning to growers mash.  You can feed with the following:-

  • Include local feeds such as grains (such as the sunflower seeds, sorghum, maize, kitchen waste and crushed groundnuts),omena, fish.
  • Include the green vegetables such as cabbages, sukuma wiki and spinach. Check out our post on how to hang cabbages for your chicken in the chicken house.
  • Supplement the local feeds that you are giving them with some of the top quality commercial feeds such as Fugo Growers Mash or Unga Feeds. You can divide these equally. 50% of the feeding can include the top quality formulated commercial feeds and 50% local feeds such as the ones listed above.
  • For example, if you are feeding layers, give each layer two handfuls of the layers mash and two handfuls of local feeds every day. For chicks, you can put them purely on a diet of the formulated commercial feeds at least for the first three weeks before you introduce the local feeds in order to ensure fast growth. A good commercial formulated feed that you can give chicks in the first eight weeks is the Fugo Fast Gro Starter Mash.

Feeding Your Broilers

The broilers should be fed well in order to ensure fast growth and better profits for your chicken farming business.  Unlike other chicken breeds where you need to measure feeds and give them a certain ration per day, do not measure the feed that you give your broilers. Provide them with as much food as they want to eat in order to ensure fast growth of the chickens.  At six weeks, you can slaughter the broilers. At this point, they should be weighing at least 1.4Kg.

Below is a schedule for feeding your broilers:-

Feeding Schedule for Broilers
Feeding Schedule for Broilers

Feeding Your Layers

Below is a program that you can follow when feeding your layers in order to ensure maximum egg production. You can put a drop of paraffin in the water as this will help the chicks to pass out dung easily.

How to feed your layers
How to feed your layers