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Businesses or proposed interventions are constantly faced with uncertainties. Building up a network of customers, having them willing to continually spend on your product or service and achieving the desired profits or objectives may many times be an uphill task.  Proper forethought and careful planning is therefore necessary to allay your fears and give you’re the information you need to take the desired steps. A Feasibility study therefore gives you that much needed opportunity to ask the relevant questions and get the answers that enables you to have a clear assessment of potential and thus predict the possibility of success or failure.

It is therefore imperative that before making an investment in the poultry value chain or an intervention on poultry with smallholder farmers a feasibility study be carried.

Possible objectives of a poultry feasibility study

 A reliable study can include one or more of the following areas:

  • Understand those attributes that help drive poultry consumption that also includes the functional and emotional features across each consumer segment.
  • Carry out assessment of consumer perceptions and their understanding of quality chicken, eggs and feed and their ability and readiness to pay a premium price for quality and other attributes.
  • Assessment of marketing strategies, poultry production models by producers and processors, distribution, promotion and marketing, highlighting weaknesses and the opportunities that exist in the value chain.
  • Be able to understand and describe the consumer segments.
  • Determination of consumer purchase decisions based on the various poultry products and inputs.
  • Quantify the poultry market by product and regions and what informs purchase decision to settle on a particular poultry product or input.
  • Determine availability of poultry products.
  • Look at the policy and regulatory issues and their impact on consumption and marketing.
  • Be able to identify and give strategic recommendations, capacity and policy issues that need to be addressed in market expansion both within and beyond borders.
  • Analysis of Kenyan poultry feed industry and final wholesale and retail market
  • Analysis of Kenyan poultry production industry and final wholesale and retail market
  • Recommended actions to increase farmer profitability & identify investment opportunities

With these information, an investor or a nongovernmental organization will make the necessary decisions that ensure maximum profits and impact.

Conducting surveys, desk reviews and collecting and recording responses into databases.

In addition to conducting data collection using tools developed we collate and review relevant documents and records relating to the assignment and previous market study reports for poultry.

 Providing analysis and reporting of results, including:

  • Summary of key findings
  • Summary of recommendations
  • Tables and graphs to present findings for questions outlined in the scope of work
  • Basic narrative to accompany graphic representation of findings


 Specific Result areas /deliverables under this assignment may include

Detailed analysis of the poultry /chicken feed market to document

  1. Carry out analysis of the poultry – chicken feed industry to determine key developments in – sources of raw materials , cost of raw materials and its impact on the final cost of processed feed .
  1. Identify key players marketing and involved in chicken feed processing ,marketing and their relative significance ( market share) and volumes traded in past three years.
  1. Assess the current and projected supply – demand gap including imports and exports
  1. Carry comparative analysis of cost of feed raw materials and how it impact the overall competitiveness ( feed processing ) of the chicken industry in Kenya ( cost per kg of feed and cost per chicken).
  1. Provide a detailed analysis of the poultry feed industry future outlook by focusing on investment opportunities in ;
  1. Feed processing / production
  2. Marketing and distribution

The assignment will take a maximum of 33 days working closely with ELEGANT TASTE, farmers owned companies, research institutions, chicken processors, government officials, supermarkets and other poultry marketing players among other key players in the poultry value chain.


 We work on achieving certain key tasks and deliverables which may include among others:

 Detailed presentation of the current production and marketing model and emerging opportunities

  • Detailed analysis of the developments and key players in processed chicken market in Kenya.
  • An analysis of supply / demand gap in the chicken market.
  • Comparative analysis of chicken production and consumption trends over periods of time.
  • Detailed analysis of the current and emerging investment opportunities in production, processing and marketing – distribution


 We assist investors gain information to make sound investment decisions.

  • Reliable market research to enable investor make investment decision.
  • Analyze business processes, strategies , markets and develop strategies to optimize returns on investment.

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current and future market outlets and investing opportunities.