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Kienyeji Chicken Feed Formulation

Chicken farming whether small scale or large scale involves two crucial things namely proper shed and a balanced diet for your chicken to be able to benefit from the farming process.  Feeds can be very expensive and a kienyeji chicken farmer it is important to find a proper and workable Kienyeji chicken feed formulation. Formulation will help you to amongst other things cut your costs by a very high percentage thereby allowing you to make incredible savings.  Proper training and guidance is necessary to be able benefit from the good returns that the market currently presents.

Feeding chicken require a better understanding of their feeding program.  Chicks because of their age and growth require to be fed with chick starter before moving to chicken pullets.  Do not forget that you just cannot feed chicken without proper training because chicken tend to be very sensitive when it comes to feeding.  That is why Kienyeji chicken feed formulation should not be handled by just anybody.  Commercial feeds come already formulated and are easier to use but costly.  To avoid incurring such unnecessary costs it is better to find a workable system of formulating your own feed for your own brood of chicken.  Many people find it cheaper and healthier to do so.


If you are a commercial farmer who intends to make money from eggs then your next Kienyeji chicken feed formulation should be the introduction of layer rations.  At this point the layers need calcium to help in proper egg development.


Is it possible to raise your own chicken feeds?

Absolutely yes!  All you need to do is to understand the right formulation method and the ages of the birds in question.  If you are a farmer, you can grow your own feeds and use it to feed your chicken.  This will be cheaper and cost effective in the long run.


You will need to have a miller or a grinder where all the feeds will have to pass through.  As a beginner you can opt for a grinder which will be cost effective until you are stable enough to buy your own miller.  Small fish like omena should also be included in the chicken diet.  Ensure that at any time you intend to make Kienyeji chicken feed formulation, the food is evenly distributed.  Interestingly, if you are a beginner, there are many chicken farmers you can visit and learn from on how they manage to make their own feeds.


Another less used and very important forum to use is the internet.  The internet is an open market and you will find very valuable lessons on how to tend to your chickens from the beginning to the last stage to avoid those loosing kilograms.  It takes a lot of time and effort to feed a chicken to a marketable weight.  There is also a stage where they should not pass.  Learn on how to avoid contaminated products when making your feeds.  Buy only fresh products that come with no contamination.