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How to Start Kienyeji Chicken Business

A lot of people interestingly are now getting into businesses of different kinds.  Chicken kienyeji business to many people look good and stress free but in the real sense it is not so.  Just like any other business you need to put a few perspectives in place on how to start kienyeji chicken business.  Proper planning and a lot of work have to be put in place.  You also need to know what market you are targeting.  Kienyeji chicken demand is on the rise and a lot of people are opting to go the kienyeji way when it comes to choosing their chicken delicacy.

But as a business entrepreneur it is good to remember that market demands keep changing.  This is something you must take into to account whether you are a small sized, medium or large scale farmer.  If the demand falls what would be your strategy for dealing with your produce or would you like most people close business and move to the next lucrative market.  There are set down standards on how to start kienyeji chicken business which we will look down closely in the next few paragraphs as we go along.


As a kienyeji chicken farmer, the issue of available space must top your list of priorities.  Kienyeji chicken should if by any chance left to run wild.  But that will also depend on a few things namely available space.  You can choose to start your business in the backyard or any available space around your home.  You also need to budget on how much you need to spend on the shed.  Space is interestingly what will dictate how many chicken you can start with.  Know that there is an allowed ratio between the hens and the cockerel.  Don’t create a fighting ground for the cockerels or jogoos.


You also need to decide earlier in your planning what method will work best.  Do you prefer to confine the birds into one place both during the day and night?  Or do you wish to semi-confine them.  Semi allows them to scavenge for their own food with little feedings in between but come home to roost or during the evening to spend the night.  Semi comes with other disadvantages if you have a large flock of birds it becomes virtually impossible to keep a tag on them.  Permanent confinement requires that you provide water, food, and shelter to the birds but you will be able to attend to them and control them as you want.


Finally, there are also different kinds of floors.  You might choose to use litter which is cleaned out every morning.  When such is not removed it is easier for your birds to get infection which is something you really want to avoid at all costs.  Other modern way of flooring includes slatted method of flooring.  The latter interestingly does allow the birds to get in touch with their refuse at any time.  Whatever your take on the above it is important to be on the knowhow next time you are looking for How to start kienyeji chicken business.