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Kienyeji Chicken Marketing and Advertising

Social Media Marketing Package

This entails posts on our Facebook page in the marketing your incubators and drumming its quality and advantages to our audiences. We have a fast growing Facebook Page of Kenyan chicken farmers and farming enthusiasts who are ready to spend/invest and open to new ideas and products.

Total Fanbase at the moment: – About 24,000 fans.

Rate: Ksh.7500 per month

Website Marketing Packages

Basic Package

In this package, we will add your marketing creatives including website banners or even company or product profile video on our main website which has a massive readership across East Africa.

Monthly Traffic for this website: Over 20,000

Cost: Ksh.15,000 per month

The Ultimate Advertising Package

In this package, we will add your promotional materials to all our digital and printed assets along with our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter. Assets that will be used to promote your business in this package include the following:

Facebook Page: We will market your poultry equipment on our fast growing Facebook Page every day for the duration of the package. with over 22,000 fans.

Twitter: We will post “tweets” about your products on our Twitter channel @KienyejiChicken daily for the duration of the package.

  • Blogs and websites: We will add your banners or any other marketing creatives on all our poultry websites and blogs for the duration of the package.

Manuals: We will add a full first page and last page advert on your products on our Poultry Farming Manual for the duration of the package. We typically sell 80-100 manuals per month with a potential reach of up to 500 people or more every month when shared amongst friends and colleagues. Please see a copy of our manual attached.

Lead Generation package: We can create for Safe Group lead generation forms such as this one will send leads directly to your inbox for the poultry equipment you plan to sell in a particular market.

Rate for the Ultimate Advertising Package: $350 Per Month or Ksh.35,000 per month

When you buy our Ultimate Advertising Package, we commit to actively market your products through our media portals for the duration of the advertising package to drive as many leads as possible.


Apart from our advertising packages, we also offer additional pay-as-you go services that you can take advantage of to promote your incubators to the Kenyan market. These include the following:

  1. Product Review of all Your Incubators Published on Our Websites and other authoritative Kenya poultry sites: These will be charged at $20 or Ksh.2000 per review.
  2. Sponsorship for our training packages: You can buy sponsorship for the training programs that we offer to our farmers. We typically offer a single training per month reaching 80-100 enthusiastic farmers. Monthly cost for the sponsorship is Ksh.100,000.


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Indigenous chicken, what is referred to in Kenya as Kienyeji chicken is the preferred chicken of many households and eateries in Kenya. Despite making up 80% of the population of chicken in Kenya, low productivity means that indigenous chicken make up only 60% of all chicken consumed in Kenya.

Urban retailers have significant unmet demand for indigenous chickens (e.g. local supermarkets each want 500 chickens per week per outlet) but cannot find a consistent supply to meet this demand. Indigenous chicken is truly local with 95% of the chicken consumed within 10 – 15km radius of the producer,

There is a large and under-served market for Kienyeji chicken and the national demand is growing steadily. While this is happening, producers still complain of lack of market while retailers complain of lack of supply. To be able to satisfy these current and emerging markets, farmers should first ensure they adopt technology and employ the best practices in poultry production to ensure the right quality and quantities demanded by the target market.

Producers must then organize themselves to satisfy local demand before reaching out to big league buyers and processors where honouring set contractual obligations may still prove a challenge. The first point of call should be to take a census of all eateries in your nearest urban or peri-urban centre and note their daily chicken needs.

It is very common to find that small kiosks and eateries could well together be taking an average of 100 birds per day all put together. For a farmer who has staggered his or her production so as to sell an average of 50 to 100 birds daily, this is a great sustainable market that does not require heavy investments in transport and marketing costs.

Farmers can also leverage the power of social media for free marketing or by word of mouth within a 15km radius so every household knows where to get their eggs and chicken. There will be a large additional market from weddings, schools, church functions, funerals and other social and political gatherings.

A cadre of lead farmers however (farmers keeping large number of birds) need to have contractual obligations with big buyers or processors like supermarkets, big institutions  like universities and colleges, butcheries(meat sellers) among others. These are big supplies that run into between 500 per week to 1000 per week. Before signing such contracts it is imperative to note that they have to be honoured because a breach would severe chances of future relationships and frustrate your business efforts.

Marketing can also be very frustrating when your margins are very low. Low margins means you lack the energy and finances to improve or continue production. A careful management of costs to ensure an increasingly good profitability can be attained if you become master of your business and employ stringent cost cutting measures that do not interfere with quality. One such measure would be moving from use of commercial feeds to making your own feed at home which effectively reduces your costs by almost 50%.

The key marketing tip note is to start from your locality, satisfy its demand before seeking bigger supply obligations, use the power of social media to reach out, produce outstanding qualities and desired quantities, stagger your production so you can be able to sell every month, strive to build on your flock each month to graduate from smallholding to lead farming and ensure you capture new technologies you need to adopt to bring efficiency to your poultry enterprise.

Then you can safely walk the path of commercialization of chicken production.


Kienyeji Chicken Market in Kenya

Worried about where to find Kienyeji chicken market in Kenya for your products?

If you are rearing Kienyeji chicken or planning to venture into the business, one of your main worries is probably how you are going to get market for your Kienyeji produce. Previously, we have been offering marketing services to customers who have contracted our services in other areas such as advice, consultancy, and supply of chicks amongst others.

But now we want to make the service open to all. If you have kienyeji hens or eggs and you wish to market it to Kenyans, we can now offer you unlimited marketing contacts throughout the year through our Kienyeji Marketing Network. Members of our marketing network pay a subscription fee of Ksh.500 per year and can subsequently call us on 0717444786 or email us at whenever they have chickens that they need to sell urgently in any part of Kenya. Our extensive reach in Kenya means that no matter your location in Kenya, we can always get you a market when you need.

The Products that you can sell through our Kienyeji Chicken Marketing Network include the following:-

  • Kienyeji Eggs
  • One Day Old Chicks
  • 1, 2 or three month old hens
  • Mature hens
  • Kienyeji Commercial Feeds
  • Veterinary products and services
  • Kienyeji farming equipment and inputs

Join our Marketing Network Today and stop worrying about where to sell your Kienyeji products.


Join Our Kienyeji Chicken VIP Club

WE have launched a new package of products and services called the Kienyeji VIP Club. VIP members will pay an annual fee of Ksh.2500 and will get access to a vast array of resources and services to boost your Kienyeji Chicken farming venture. As a Kienyeji Chicken VIP Club member, you will get the following free services:-

  • Access all our kienyeji farming manuals for free including the following: The Improved Kienyeji Chicken Farming Manual, the Kienyeji Feed Formulation Manual, the Kienyeji Housing Manual. The membership also guarantees you free access to all the manuals that we will produce for the rest of the year on Kienyeji Chicken Farming.
  • Get free on-phone consultations service on how to start and manage your Kienyeji farming venture. As a VIP member, you can call us at any time and we will allocate time to offer you detailed advice and consultations on how to start and manage your Kienyeji business.
  • Get free information on where to source your Kienyeji Chicken.
  • Get free Kienyeji market linkages: Once your Kienyeji chicken mature, you can talk to us and we will get you the market for your products for free.
  • Free advice on incubation for your Kienyeji Chicken.
  • Get chicken incubator rentals from us at affordable prices
  • Get free advice on where to source Kienyeji Funding as Quickly as Possible. WE will connect you to a direct Microfinance institution where you can apply for Kienyeji Farming Loans and get them approved in a week or less.
  • Get access to our marketing channels and reach 100,000 people monthly: As a VIP member, we will market your Kienyeji Business and products on all our websites, blogs and Facebook pages to help you reach a wider market. Through our marketing channels, we assure you of exposure to a massive market of up 100,000 people that we reach monthly through our media.

Sounds Exciting? Call us on 0717444786 or email for more information on our VIP Club.


Professional Training Services on Kienyeji Chicken Farming

Looking for professional training services on Kienyeji chicken farming and management in any corner of Kenya? We do capacity building in poultry and commercialization of poultry production to self-help groups, CBOs, NGOs and other organizations working with smallholder farmers as beneficiaries in economic empowerment.

The training encompasses the following 3 phases”

Poultry Production and Commercialization of chicken production

Phase 1 of Training on Kienyeji Chicken Farming

1. Role of Indigenous Chicken in Household Economy (Gender roles, food security, income generation)

2. Production systems and profitability (Organized chicken production)

3. Disease control and bio-security

4. Chick Management (DoC-8 weeks)

5. Flock Management ( keeping the flock healthy and productive, flock sizes, general biosecurity, laying, brooding and hatching)

6. Chicken housing ( types of housing, construction of chicken house, roost and perches, maintaining a chicken house, provision of nest and protection from predators and theft)

7. Feeds and Feeding

Phase II of Training on Kienyeji Chicken Farming

8. Breeding Management (Chicken selection and mating, breed selection, characteristics of a good layer/meat bird, cross breeding)

9. Record Keeping and profitability

Phase III of Training on Kienyeji Chicken Farming

10. Marketing and value additions

11. Financial Literacy Training

12. Other diseases and vices

Contact us for further engagement.

For additional information on this training program, call 0711417887 or email