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Kienyeji Chicken Market in Kenya

Worried about where to find Kienyeji chicken market in Kenya for your products?

If you are rearing Kienyeji chicken or planning to venture into the business, one of your main worries is probably how you are going to get market for your Kienyeji produce. Previously, we have been offering marketing services to customers who have contracted our services in other areas such as advice, consultancy, and supply of chicks amongst others.

But now we want to make the service open to all. If you have kienyeji hens or eggs and you wish to market it to Kenyans, we can now offer you unlimited marketing contacts throughout the year through our Kienyeji Marketing Network. Members of our marketing network pay a subscription fee of Ksh.500 per year and can subsequently call us on 0717444786 or email us at whenever they have chickens that they need to sell urgently in any part of Kenya. Our extensive reach in Kenya means that no matter your location in Kenya, we can always get you a market when you need.

The Products that you can sell through our Kienyeji Chicken Marketing Network include the following:-

  • Kienyeji Eggs
  • One Day Old Chicks
  • 1, 2 or three month old hens
  • Mature hens
  • Kienyeji Commercial Feeds
  • Veterinary products and services
  • Kienyeji farming equipment and inputs

Join our Marketing Network Today and stop worrying about where to sell your Kienyeji products.


Where to Find Market for Your Kienyeji Chicken

Kienyeji chicken are some of the hottest selling commodities in Kenya today. Most Kenyans are looking for healthier and better quality of meat which can only be found in the ethically raised Kienyeji chicken which grow under natural or very organic condition and grow full cycle without any “boost”.

Also, recent unethical practices by some broilers farmers have driven Kenyans away from the exotic chicken breeds to the Kienyeji breeds grown by honest farmers practicing very ethical farming techniques. The last thing that you want is having toxins accumulate in your body as you enjoy your favorite chicken meal.

The market for the Kienyeji chicken is, therefore, quite huge but all have access to this lucrative market. Some people may invest in Kienyeji Chicken but they have zero clues on where to sell them for a good price. Well,  you do not have to worry anymore. I am now connecting farmers to buyers and buyers to farmers via my Kienyeji Facebook page at To sell your Kienyeji Chicken, just post on my wall at the page or send me an email at and I will connect you to Kienyeji buyers. The service will be free for the first few months and thereafter I will charge a small fee for getting you the Kienyeji chicken Market.

If you are planning to invest in Kienyeji Chicken Farming and need some information and comprehensive guide on how you can go about this step by step, you can buy our Improved Kienyeji Chicken Farming Manual.



Kienyeji Chicken Prices

There has been imminent rise in kienyeji chicken prices over the last few years.  Many farmers are now opting to go the kienyeji chicken way.  They are easier to breed, mature faster, does not have to be handled 24/7 and can have a better feeding program compared to their kind of birds.  They are also healthier to eat and quite meaty.  Farmers can reap a lot of income from kienyeji products as the demand is quite high and continues to increase thereby giving them a level market.  A lot of poultry farmers have over the past few years made profit from kienyeji chicken and eggs combined.

Kienyeji chicken prices vary considerably from place to place.  In the villages middlemen use the opportunity to make a killing.  They buy such in bulk and come to sell for other business individuals for a higher price in the urban centres.  Another great factor that has contributed to the rise in middlemen is infrastructure.  Most kienyeji farmers have no access to better roads and in case it rains it becomes virtually impossible to find a market for their products.  The middlemen then use the opportunity to purchase chickens at throwaway prices.

Kienyeji chicken prices in town like Nairobi and its environs are done in kilograms.  2.5 kilogram chicken can cost as much as Kshs. 1200/=.  A kienyeji chicken egg ranges from between Kshs. 15 – 20/= thereby pegging the price of a tray at close to Kshs. 600/= a price that is way higher than the ordinary eggs which have a market price of Kshs. 275/= to Kshs. 300/= on the higher side.  This is a clear indication that demand for kienyeji chicken is still quite high and might stay at that for a longer time to come.  Apart from the eggs and the meat products many people are into kienyeji chicken farming thereby creating a rise in chicks.

The kienyeji chicken prices for chicks is not anything below Kshs. 100/= depending on the age.  The older the chicks the higher the market prices tend to be.  If you are intending to do chicken farming then consider kienyeji chicken.  They are easier to manage as they on many occasions scavenge for their own food and have a higher return level compared to the broilers that have dominated the market over the last few years.  In essence kienyeji chicken is the way to go.  It comes with many benefits and a higher income for those who are serious.

As a poultry farmer, if you intend to reap the benefits of poultry farming, it is advisable to do it in large numbers.  Selling one or two chickens might not give you the returns you are looking for.  As a poultry farmer remember to put everything in order before starting your poultry farming.  There are costs to be incurred when starting poultry farming.  Understanding the basics will be a great advantage if you are intending to get financial rewards from the already rising market.  Remember kienyeji chicken farming with proper planning will require very minimal outlay.