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Poultry Feed Formulation Manual is Out

Our poultry Feed Formulation Manual is out. The 36 page manual contains a step by step guide on how you can cheaply and profitably formulate your own poultry feeds using simple and easily accessible raw materials. The feed formulae provided can be used to formulate feeds not just for Kienyeji chicken but also for the exotic layers and broilers. The manual contains the following topics:-

  • Poultry nutrition general information: Feed ingredients and additives
  • Energy and nutrients for your poultry
  • Protein Feeding Requirements for your poultry
  • Vitamins for your poultry
  • Feeding programs for broilers
  • Feeding program for replacement pullets
  • Feeding Program for laying hens
  • Nutrient Requirements for your poultry
  • Chicken Feeds: Chick Mash
  • Chicken Feeds: Growers Mash
  • Chicken Feeds: Layers Mash
  • Feeding Regime for Different Ages of Chicken
  • Principles of Poultry Nutrition
  • Formulating a Tonne of layers mash
  • Formulating a Tonne of Growers Mash
  • Formulating a Tonne of Chick Mash
  • Additional Poultry Formulation Notes

For orders of the Poultry Feed Formulation Manual, please call 0711417887 or email The manual goes for Ksh.500.


Professional Training Services on Kienyeji Chicken Farming

Looking for professional training services on Kienyeji chicken farming and management in any corner of Kenya? We do capacity building in poultry and commercialization of poultry production to self-help groups, CBOs, NGOs and other organizations working with smallholder farmers as beneficiaries in economic empowerment.

The training encompasses the following 3 phases”

Poultry Production and Commercialization of chicken production

Phase 1 of Training on Kienyeji Chicken Farming

1. Role of Indigenous Chicken in Household Economy (Gender roles, food security, income generation)

2. Production systems and profitability (Organized chicken production)

3. Disease control and bio-security

4. Chick Management (DoC-8 weeks)

5. Flock Management ( keeping the flock healthy and productive, flock sizes, general biosecurity, laying, brooding and hatching)

6. Chicken housing ( types of housing, construction of chicken house, roost and perches, maintaining a chicken house, provision of nest and protection from predators and theft)

7. Feeds and Feeding

Phase II of Training on Kienyeji Chicken Farming

8. Breeding Management (Chicken selection and mating, breed selection, characteristics of a good layer/meat bird, cross breeding)

9. Record Keeping and profitability

Phase III of Training on Kienyeji Chicken Farming

10. Marketing and value additions

11. Financial Literacy Training

12. Other diseases and vices

Contact us for further engagement.

For additional information on this training program, call 0711417887 or email


Where to Find Market for Your Kienyeji Chicken

Kienyeji chicken are some of the hottest selling commodities in Kenya today. Most Kenyans are looking for healthier and better quality of meat which can only be found in the ethically raised Kienyeji chicken which grow under natural or very organic condition and grow full cycle without any “boost”.

Also, recent unethical practices by some broilers farmers have driven Kenyans away from the exotic chicken breeds to the Kienyeji breeds grown by honest farmers practicing very ethical farming techniques. The last thing that you want is having toxins accumulate in your body as you enjoy your favorite chicken meal.

The market for the Kienyeji chicken is, therefore, quite huge but all have access to this lucrative market. Some people may invest in Kienyeji Chicken but they have zero clues on where to sell them for a good price. Well,  you do not have to worry anymore. I am now connecting farmers to buyers and buyers to farmers via my Kienyeji Facebook page at To sell your Kienyeji Chicken, just post on my wall at the page or send me an email at and I will connect you to Kienyeji buyers. The service will be free for the first few months and thereafter I will charge a small fee for getting you the Kienyeji chicken Market.

If you are planning to invest in Kienyeji Chicken Farming and need some information and comprehensive guide on how you can go about this step by step, you can buy our Improved Kienyeji Chicken Farming Manual.



Improved Kienyeji Chicken Farming

Improved Kienyeji Chicken farming techniques refers to certain improvements and modifications made in the traditional Kienyeji chicken in order to maximize on the yield. These improvements can be made in various areas of the farming including the breed selection, the building of the modern Kienyeji housing, better feeding and better flock management in order to help farmers maximize on their yields.

This is the kind of information that is covered in our Improved Kienyeji Chicken Farming manual that now retails for Ksh.500. The eBook covers all the important information that you will need in order to successfully launch a commercially viable chicken farming business. The best thing about the advice that has been incorporated in this eBook is that it can be applied by various farmers ranging from the small-scale farmers to the large scale commercial farmers looking for bigger profits. If you are looking for scalability in your kienyeji chicken farming business, then we have the information to help you make the shift and scale up your production while minimizing your losses.

Written by expert chicken farmers and research, you will get accurate, useful and precise information to make your chicken farming a success. You can now order our eBook online at in order to go through the various topics that will make your kienyeji chicken farming a success. The main topics covered in our  farming manual include the following:-

  • How to Select the Best Chicken Breeds
  • Kienyeji Chicken Housing
  • Kienyeji Feeds and Feeding Guide
  • Health and Disease Management in Kienyeji Chicken Breeds
  • Kienyeji Chicken Vaccines and Vaccination Guide
  • Kienyeji  Brooding and Chicken Placement
  • Kienyeji Chicken Marketing
  • Record Keeping for Your Kienyeji Chicken
  • Kienyeji  Processing Guide

To order the manual, call 0717444786 or visit in order to automatically place an order. PDF copies will be delivered to you in a matter of minutes.