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Adequate training and proper business set up is a prerequisite to any organization willing to work with smallholder farmers in the poultry value chain or any investor willing to make substantial investments in the chicken, feed industry and processing industry. It is prudent to put in place a farmer or employee training plan in accordance with modern practices and standards and an establishment plan that ensures the farmer or entrepreneur starts off on a sound footing. In this regard, we offer consultancy services to organizations and entrepreneurs on the various poultry business models, training and set up which among others include the following:

  • Construction of recommended chicken houses with the right orientation and designs and management of the houses thereof taking into consideration the number of flock and the projected expansion plans.
  • Correct or proper installation of farm equipment taking into consideration the required quantities and functionalities.
  • Management of the chicken flock with due to consideration to the minimization of birds mortality which can reduce flocks or production, reduce incomes, bring down the business and kill dreams.
  • Efficient management of the chicken feed and flock with utmost attention to the right feed formulation, pricing, daily feed rations requirements for birds etc.
  • Capacity building of farmers on vaccination and complete vaccination of birds with strict adherence to recommended schedules depending on the required information for the given area.
  • Ensuring efficient management and handling of eggs, one of the most delicate products in a farm.

These, among other prerequisites will help in making the desired start that propels the farmer to profitability. In addition training should be done basically covering the following areas:

  • Bio security of the chicken and how to set up a biosecurity infrastructure and manage it.
  • The various breeds of poultry, their characteristics and attributes.
  • The essence of vaccinating chicken and the vaccination schedules.
  • Poultry diseases (viral, metabolic, protozoal and bacterial), their management and treatment.
  • The physiology and anatomy of chicken.
  • Feeds, feeding and drinking management.
  • Brooding of day old chicks and brooding management.
  • Breeding management.
  • Marketing of poultry and record keeping


After training farmers and entrepreneurs are assisted with necessary input linkages and then placed on the path to commercialization.

After training, farmers need to be assisted in the chick placement process and all its requirements and then will need to develop a working relationship with a local public or private extension worker (Animal Health Assistant) as a closer and reliable point of call to facilitate response to emergencies in the farm or alternatively employ qualified Animal Health Assistants for entrepreneurs possessing the ability to employ.

For organizations willing to take their farmers through this process or willing to organize their farmers to commercialize poultry through a model of poultry producer business group of individuals or entrepreneurs seeking assistance in this respect you can contact us through the following email:


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Planning for your business from the outset is a key ingredient of success and the same applies to the chicken farming business. A farmer investing his or her hard earned money in the farming business needs to draw a business plan to make them aware of their business and have a basis of tracking business performance and thus afford them the opportunity of responding adequately in the course of running it.

You do not need to act out of your guts all the time without having a definite plan of action on inputs, costs, competition, marketing and risks involved in your business that might hinder your key objective, quality products for your buyers and maximum profits for your chicken farming business.

That is where we come in.

We help you set up a new high-end chicken enterprise with expected reputation for integrity, quality, and excellence in the management board and staff and based on financial projections help you know before beforehand the prospects for your enterprise’s continued growth are excellent based on how much you are contributing to your enterprise and the expected revenues from your level of investment.

Kienyeji Partners can help you undertake an in-depth analysis of market opportunities for high-quality, chicken market in your locality to ensure you are investing in a viable option with the right strategies and ensure you pursue this strategy vigorously with demonstrated performance.

An aspiring poultry entrepreneur must also understand the untapped opportunities in the poultry value chain and through market analysis especially as regards to chicken and chicken products. The health benefits of white meat over red meat and the huge demand for eggs in various sectors of the food industry need to be understood and addressed. Helping identify and plan for your market is a key component of the work we do with you to help you gain from your investment. Retailers for example have a significant unmet demand for chicken but cannot find consistent supply to meet this demand. We work with you in your unique circumstances and your locality to identify where to start in your market blitz.

Most of the farmers apply no specific techniques to boost production. Constraints to rearing chicken are mostly disease, predators, poor housing, poor management and lack of affordable feed and poor marketing systems.

Ownership and breadth of service can give an entrepreneur an edge over the competition for services.

Business Development Service providers offer a range of extension services, and include organizations such as Government of Kenya extension officers and veterinarians, egg and chick suppliers and local independent animal health technicians. A farmer or entrepreneur must therefore be aware of his competition and also work with others to better his or her business.

A farmer needs to understand the sales outlets for her products e.g. supermarkets and identified select contractual buyers who will offer better prices due to unique quality of the products and consistent supply and maintain constant awareness of the competition’s products and services, in order to remain an appealing source of services.

The key thing is the farmers themselves owning their business, and having a vested interest in building the business’s future success.

A key ingredient of a farmer’s decision making is developing an market-driven pricing policy that incorporates clear recognition of market related forces including production seasonality, price fluctuations and profit generation.  It is important to continuously assess market dynamics that will inform sound business decision-making.

For marketing efficiency and cost effectiveness, it is important to sell to identified contracted buyers, using your best efforts to attract the most competitive buyer that offers best price and creates the most value for shareholders and members. You have to build an image of reliability and quality among your target market.

The rest is identified the initial financing you need and your own shrewd management that will take your enterprise to the next level. The Key to doing this is helping you prepare a financial model for your business that enables you track business performance over months and years of operation.

If you are interested in having a business plan prepared for your chicken business, you can contact us on: