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Kienyeji Chicken Market in Kenya

Worried about where to find Kienyeji chicken market in Kenya for your products?

If you are rearing Kienyeji chicken or planning to venture into the business, one of your main worries is probably how you are going to get market for your Kienyeji produce. Previously, we have been offering marketing services to customers who have contracted our services in other areas such as advice, consultancy, and supply of chicks amongst others.

But now we want to make the service open to all. If you have kienyeji hens or eggs and you wish to market it to Kenyans, we can now offer you unlimited marketing contacts throughout the year through our Kienyeji Marketing Network. Members of our marketing network pay a subscription fee of Ksh.500 per year and can subsequently call us on 0717444786 or email us at whenever they have chickens that they need to sell urgently in any part of Kenya. Our extensive reach in Kenya means that no matter your location in Kenya, we can always get you a market when you need.

The Products that you can sell through our Kienyeji Chicken Marketing Network include the following:-

  • Kienyeji Eggs
  • One Day Old Chicks
  • 1, 2 or three month old hens
  • Mature hens
  • Kienyeji Commercial Feeds
  • Veterinary products and services
  • Kienyeji farming equipment and inputs

Join our Marketing Network Today and stop worrying about where to sell your Kienyeji products.