Through our involvement with both new and developing farmers in Kenya, we have realized that the failure of numerous poultry projects is due to a lack of information, training and experience in poultry farming.

Therefore Kienyeji Partners is now offering training programs designed to empower Kenyan farmers to be able to leave with the required knowledge to succeed in the poultry farming ventures.  Our Kienyeji Chicken Farming Training covers in-depth knowledge and is designed to be practical as possible to enable the farmer to leave with knowledge and expertise on how to confidently carry out successful poultry farming business in Kenya.


Most of Our Training Programs in Nairobi will take place in the Marble Ark Hotel along Lagos Road in Nairobi.

TIME: Training programs will begin at 8am and end at 4pm with breaks and refreshments in between.

COSTKsh.3500 per Person

HOW TO REGISTER: Send your details including name, email address, phone number and ID number to .


  • How to Build Kienyeji Chicken House: Including dimensions, best housing plan, materials to use, cost estimates for certain number of birds. Visuals and Demonstration of Poultry House Models
  • How to Select Poultry Breeds:- Kuroiler, KARI Improved, Rainbow Rooster, Kenbro, Indbro, Fast White Layers, Broilers. Which is the best for the farmer?
  • Poultry Disease Control: Causes, Characteristics, Symptoms, Parasites, Vaccination, Vaccination methods, Vaccines, Vaccination Schedule, Biosecurity
  • Chick Placement and Chick Brooding: How Do you carry out brooding to ensure 99% of your chicks survive the first 8 weeks?
  • Feeding: Chick mash, layers mash, broilers mash, Kienyeji mash. What feed to feed and when? Recommended feeds.
  • Poultry Record Keeping: How to Carry Out Record Keeping and Ensure Every Cost and Chick is Accounted For.
  • Marketing: How Do You Market Your Poultry? Evisceration, Packaging, Finding the Market
  • Processing:
  • Adding Value to Poultry Waste including egg shells, droppings etc
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CONTACT PERSON: For information on future training and consultancy work on Kienyeji chicken farming, call Eric on 0711 417 887 or email