Kienyeji Chicken Marketing Network

Social Media Marketing Package

This entails posts on our Facebook page in the marketing your incubators and drumming its quality and advantages to our audiences. We have a fast growing Facebook Page of Kenyan chicken farmers and farming enthusiasts who are ready to spend/invest and open to new ideas and products.

Total Fanbase at the moment: – About 24,000 fans.

Rate: Ksh.7500 per month

Website Marketing Packages

Basic Package

In this package, we will add your marketing creatives including website banners or even company or product profile video on our main website which has a massive readership across East Africa.

Monthly Traffic for this website: Over 20,000

Cost: Ksh.15,000 per month


The Ultimate Advertising Package

In this package, we will add your promotional materials to all our digital and printed assets along with our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter. Assets that will be used to promote your business in this package include the following:

Facebook Page: We will market your poultry equipment on our fast growing Facebook Page every day for the duration of the package. with over 22,000 fans.

Twitter: We will post “tweets” about your products on our Twitter channel @KienyejiChicken daily for the duration of the package.

  • Blogs and websites: We will add your banners or any other marketing creatives on all our poultry websites and blogs for the duration of the package.

Manuals: We will add a full first page and last page advert on your products on our Poultry Farming Manual for the duration of the package. We typically sell 80-100 manuals per month with a potential reach of up to 500 people or more every month when shared amongst friends and colleagues. Please see a copy of our manual attached.

Lead Generation package: We can create for Safe Group lead generation forms such as this one will send leads directly to your inbox for the poultry equipment you plan to sell in a particular market.

Rate for the Ultimate Advertising Package: $350 Per Month or Ksh.35,000 per month

When you buy our Ultimate Advertising Package, we commit to actively market your products through our media portals for the duration of the advertising package to drive as many leads as possible.


Apart from our advertising packages, we also offer additional pay-as-you go services that you can take advantage of to promote your incubators to the Kenyan market. These include the following:

  1. Product Review of all Your Incubators Published on Our Websites and other authoritative Kenya poultry sites: These will be charged at $20 or Ksh.2000 per review.
  2. Sponsorship for our training packages: You can buy sponsorship for the training programs that we offer to our farmers. We typically offer a single training per month reaching 80-100 enthusiastic farmers. Monthly cost for the sponsorship is Ksh.100,000.


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