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People raise chickens for a number of reasons. There are some who do it out of passion while others do it for profits. Raising chickens has been integral part of farm life ever since man domesticated animals and fowls. However, chickens are no longer just raised on farms. From the beginning of the 20th century, commercial poultry production increasingly took root so as to meet the protein needs of a fast growing middle class. Today, chickens are raised in large numbers across the worlds including in urban backyards.

There are plenty of good reasons to begin poultry farming today. If you are doing it on a smaller scale, it can be a great source of nutritious eggs and meat. On a commercial scale, poultry farming can also be a good source of income. There are corporations that have been built on the poultry value chain. Kienyeji Partners is presenting an article series on poultry production that will equip you with the right knowledge on successful and profitable poultry farming ventures.

Guide to Raising Chickens: These articles offer you tips and guides on how to raise your poultry the right way. We covered information such as stocking density for your poultry, building the right poultry house or poultry coops, the kind of poultry equipment to purchase for your birds, managing the space and labour considerations when taking care of your chickens. We have also extensive covered detail on how to choose the right breed and the actual breeds to choose for successful production. With these tips and guidelines, you will save plenty of time and money when launching a new poultry venture.

Caring for new chicks: Mortality is an issue that you will grapple with a lot especially among the young chicks. Check out the range of poultry articles about effective brooding management that will cut down on the mortality rate of your chicks.

Taking care of the birds or husbandry: These articles cover the actual process of taking care of the flock so as to maximize on the production and minimize the risks.  There is a large number of people that wants to learn how to take care of their chickens whether as pets or a source of proteins so as to help in lowering the food bills. With the tips on managing your flock and taking better care of your birds, you will be able to get your flock off to a very good start. These articles mainly cover the kind of action that you will take once the chicks arrive home so as to ensure maximum survival. Details included here including brooding tips, feeding tips, vaccination, watering and tips on how you can keep your birds largely disease free while reducing the antisocial behaviour that is likely to increase the mortality rate.

Building Chicken Coops and Chicken Coop Plans:- part of proper chicken farming involves building the best chicken coops that will offer the best security and environment conditions so as to increase the survival rate of your chickens. We covered lots of details on chicken coop design and construction that will create an optimal environment for your flock. Chicken coops are quite costly and if you can build your own, you will be able to make some significant savings.

Getting rid of heat stress: Heat is an enemy of chickens and too much heat will cause a lot of stress in the flock that eventually leads to high rates of mortality. We cover the various measures that you can undertake so as to reduce heat stress in your flock.  Taking these measures not only ensures your flock is comfortable but it also guarantees excellent productivity in your poultry farm.

Poultry Nutrition: Many people grapple with what to feed in their poultry. In this category of articles, we offer valuable information on the range of feeds that you can give your chickens so as to maintain a more balanced diet. We even have tips and a manual on poultry feed formulation suitable for farmers who would like to take the initiative and formulate their own feeds for their chickens. A balanced nutrition will ensure the optimal growth and top performance for your chicken.

Chicken Selling and Marketing: Unless you are doing poultry farming on a very subsistence scale, you will want to market and sell your poultry products. One of the leading problems most poultry farmers grapple with is poultry marketing. We offer useful tips on selling and marketing your chicken. If you are in Kenya, we can offer you professional poultry marketing support. Regular sales will not only yield revenues and profits but can also be a source of fresh nutrition supply locally.

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